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Aeromodelling generally involves small sized flying objects like Radio Controlled Aircraft (RC Aircraft), Gliders, Ornithopters, Boomerangs and Paper Planes. Although Aeromodelling looks like a lot of Aerospace/ Aeronautical engineering topic, it involves a lot of interdisciplinary concepts from various streams of engineering – primarily Aerospace/ Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science. Aeromodelling gives a good understanding of the roles each of these engineering skills play in real aircraft industry and provides enormous opportunities to develop innovative thinking and implementation
What you’ll learn?
  • Design,Build & Test your first RC Aircraft
  • Learn all the introductory concept of aeronautical engineering through Aeromodelling.
  • Introduction to design Algorithm of an aircraft
  • Hand-on experience on the electronics and electrical instrumentation of the RC aircraft.

What is the Course fees?

  • Aeromodelling – ₹.- 10,000

What is the eligibility?

  • 18+ years of age
  • Any Degree or Diploma
  • No Prior knowledge is needed