Drone Engineering

Drone Engineering

Drone engineers develop drones based on their knowledge of different branches of engineering, such as aeronautical, electronics and electrical, mechanical, and robotics engineering. Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones may be used for commercial, consumer, or combat purposes. For example, they may be used to survey damage after natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, gather military intelligence, survey land for real estate and construction purposes, and collect information on crops and endangered species. Many mechanical engineers are involved in the design and manufacturing of drones.
What you’ll learn?
  • Understand the theory behind how drones work.
  • Understand the basic concepts involved in radio controlled model flying.
  • Understand the individual components that make up a drone.
  • Build a complete quad copter drone from scratch.


  • An excitement towards building a model aircraft from scratch
  • Purchase either a drone build kit or source the parts from the parts list provided.
  • Have basic electronic knowledge including how to use a soldering iron
  • Have basic tool handling experience such as wire strippers and pliers

What is the Course fees?

  • Drone Engineering – ₹ 30,000

What is the eligibility?

  • 16+ years of age
  • No Prior knowledge is needed